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December 27, 2009

Ice Age Columbus: Who Were the First Americans?

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I got this dvd a couple years ago when it came out and actually forgot about it until Jamie Kelso discussed it on his new radio show last week.

Ice Age Columbus: Who Were the First Americans? DVD

Traditional history tells us that European settlers discovered America about the time of the Renaissance. But revolutionary new archaeological data and the latest DNA research reveal that Europeans visited our shores far earlier – some 17,000 years before Columbus was even born.

Filmed in glorious high definition, this two-hour, epic drama follows an intrepid family of stone age hunters as they trek from their homeland in southwestern France, cross 3,000 miles of ocean and eventually make their first permanent settlement in what is today the northeastern U.S. Along the way, they overcome starvation and storms with the help of a revolutionary weapons technology they would later bequeath to the native peoples of the Americas. But awaiting the pioneers’ arrival is a stark, empty continent, filled with a plethora of bizarre and lethal animals – all brought to life by brilliant computer animation. Firmly rooted in the latest scientific discoveries, it’s a compelling vision of the greatest migration in human history. Order it here


December 5, 2009

Maryland`s Illegal Immigration Costs

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“Simultaneous studies, released this week by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), document the true costs of illegal immigration in Maryland and demonstrate strong voter objections to the burdens placed on them by illegal immigration. The price tag associated with providing education, health care and incarceration of criminal illegal aliens is at least $1.3 billion a year…”

Although the vast majority of people are against illegal immigration it is clear our politicians have no concern for us, as shown in this story quoted below

“Because Maryland is one of the most pro-illegal immigration states in the country, Virginia’s immigrant gangs have naturally begun relocating there. Maryland’s sanctuary cities, taxpayer-subsidized day labor centers, support for non-citizen voting, and lax drivers license laws are a magnet for illegal immigration and immigrant gangs.”

Just to further the absurdity of it all, here is a local story of an “immigrant” (backed by various organizations who seek to undermine America`s laws) suing the Frederick County Sheriff`s office. Their refusal to state her immigration status in this story combined with the fact she was arrested make it pretty obvious she is not a legal citizen. They ignore this though and go on to say that she “committed no criminal offense under Maryland law”.

November 28, 2009

WW2 Vets Say Britain Has Betrayed Them

Excellent commentary/ article from one of the countries at the forefront of cultural, moral, and soveirgn destruction. It is no wonder the British National Party is fairing so well today in the UK. Organizations like the BNP and others are demonized by mass media at every turn. This is because mass media is an extension of corporate globalists and are helping to carry out their agenda. No matter how much screaming and hollering media does about “racism”, etc., our people need to realize the Nationalist parties are the only ones who will fight for them.

‘This isn’t the Britain we fought for,’ say the ‘unknown warriors’ of WWII

Nearly 400,000 Britons died. Millions more were scarred by the experience, physically and mentally.

But was it worth it? Her answer – and the answer of many of her contemporaries, now in their 80s and 90s – is a resounding No.

They despise what has become of the Britain they once fought to save. It’s not our country any more, they say, in sorrow and anger.

Sarah harks back to the days when ‘people kept the laws and were polite and courteous. We didn’t have much money, but we were contented and happy.

‘People whistled and sang. There was still the United Kingdom, our country, which we had fought for, our freedom, democracy. But where is it now?!’

Full article here

November 12, 2009

Horrific Rape In America`s Third World School System

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“A 15-year-old girl who went to her homecoming dance was repeatedly gang raped and beaten at Richmond High School for at least two hours while more than a dozen witnesses saw the assault but failed to call police, authorities said today.”

One witness says “I feel like I could have done something, but I don’t feel like I have any responsibility for anything that happened,”

Pics of the arrested here. The school is 98% non white. 78% “Hispanic,” 10% black, 8% Asian, and 2% white.

Kami Baker, one of the few white students at the school says  “When I started here, I felt extremely unsafe and so did she, due to the lack of police officers and security officers.”




November 6, 2009

Britain Is Sick

While this blog is set up as an outlet for Marylander`s to keep up on issues both local and national, we also post stories about going`s on across the world as we have become the dispossessed majority in most of our European countries. A lot of postings here are from Britain as they seem to be at the forefront of it all. As they have been having a major demographics change, I see a lot of insane stories over the years about things officials are doing to further disposses the White British people. Because of this and rightly so, the British National Party has risen to become a major political player for the advocation of rights for White Britains. It is truly interesting to watch how things are playing out, and is also an example for the rest of us. Below are a few stories celebrating the diversity of Britain.

Teenager beaten by “disaffected Asian” pupils in racist attack

After their work was done, his attackers punched the air in triumph – ‘that’s what you call Paki bashing,’ they yelled.

Is It Any Wonder People are Fleeing London?

In a north London suburb last week, a schoolgirl was beaten, gang-raped and then had drain-cleaning fluid poured on her body apparently to destroy DNA evidence.

I’m almost embarrassed to say that the attackers have been described as “five black youths”, in case you think I’m being racist in highlighting this crime.

This one is an older story showing the lengths they go to in order to enforce the acceptance of diversity

White schoolgirl arrested for “racism”

“I said ‘I’m not being funny, but can I change groups because I can’t understand them?’ But she started shouting and screaming, saying ‘It’s racist, you’re going to get done by the police’.”

Salford was at the centre of a storm last April after a ten-year-old boy was hauled before a court for allegedly calling an 11-year-old mixed race pupil a ‘Paki’ and ‘Bin Laden’ in a playground argument at a primary school in Irlam.

In this article pop singer Morrissey says that “he can no longer live in a Britain he believes lost to an “immigration explosion”.”

beatingvictim There are links to several stories in this article that made major news and actually touched off riots a few years ago, including the beating of  a 76 year old World War Two veteran. These stories became the theme of a song a few years ago written by the British Nationalist rock band Razors Edge in their song Streets Of Oldham. That song was on the cd Stick To Your Guns and can be found through the local distro Label 56





Streets Of Oldham-

Did you see the old man
got battered on the streets of Oldham.
His medals faded
and his eyes no longer shine.
Fought for his country
for freedom and a new tomorrow
But nobody told him
that the freedom was all lies.

Now how can you tell me
we’re only
after trouble all the time.
Let me take you on a journey
through the flame filled streets of Oldham
And I’ll show you something that will make you
change your mind

Did you see the white lad
who got battered on the streets of Bradford.
See him get surrounded,
see him have to stand and fight.
And did you see the white lad
who got stabbed up on the streets of Bradford.
All the papers said
he was stabbed for being white.

Now how can you tell me
we’re only
after trouble all the time.
Let me take you on a journey
through the flame filled streets of Bradford
and I’ll show you something that will make you
change your mind

October 29, 2009

This Is Just Disgusting

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It has recently come out that Tony Blair and Jack Straw had conspired and
then put into effect a secret plan for a multicultural UK.  

Andrew Neather, who worked for Mr Straw when he was Home Secretary, and as 
a speech writer for Mr Blair, claimed a secret Government report in 2000 
called for mass immigration to change Britain's cultural make-up forever.
Through their treasonous actions Mohammed is now London's Most Popular Boys Name
replacing Daniel. And this is how they reward him

Record Number Tune In To See Nick Griffin

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A recent debate on Question Time BBC that featured BNP leader and elected member of European Parliament Nick Griffin had a record number of viewers as 8 million people tuned in. The BBC congratulated itself afterwards, not only because of the record number of viewers but also for the fact that they totally insulted Mr Griffin. This self congratulations soon turned to worry though as the hostile treatment given to Mr Griffin may have worked against them. That link shows that after this appearance 1 in 5 voters are now considering joining the BNP. As we have stated here many times in past posts, the people who claim to want “equal rights for minorities” in fact want to destroy white civilization and turn our indigenous countries over to anyone who they feel can do so. Links to the videos are also below and any white person who still has some sense of racial identity should be disgusted at the way they attack Mr Griffin. It shows the true nature of these people and their hatred for white people who do desire their preservation. On another related subject, a recent celebration that took place in Pennsylvania to honor Leif Erikson was disrupted by a group of leftists who hate white culture and want to see it destroyed. It is the same story time and time again. They hide behind “moral appeals” of “oppressed minorities”, but their true hate for white civilization and values is shown in the end. Back on the subject of Mr Griffin, it should also be remembered that while these people belittle him and make him seem like a minority in his work, he was in fact ELECTED into position by the British people.

Below is the first of several parts. The other video links can be found with this one

Justice Department to Recharge Civil Rights Enforcement

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The fact that we now have a black (half white) president has no bearing on
these stories. Obviously with section 8 housing, affirmative action, etc,
programs like this have been in effect for years, mostly through laws
enacted by white politicians. The question is, how much are you continue
giving away before you start supporting those who want to work for a
better future for White Americans? It is time for Change For Our People.

...the Obama administration is planning a major revival of high-impact
civil rights enforcement against policies, in areas ranging from housing
to hiring, where statistics show that minorities fare disproportionately

Another related article-
Westchester County entered into a landmark desegregation agreement on
Monday that would compel it to create hundreds of houses and apartments
for moderate-income people in overwhelmingly white communities and
aggressively market them to nonwhites in Westchester and New York City.

Madonna Booed At Concert

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I love this story. Seeing a liberal suck up like Madonna get booed for espousing her politics makes me smile It just further goes to show that the tide is changing and Whites are getting fed up with sacrificing their lands and their future to others. For those that don`t know, gypsies do cause a lot of problems in the places they live in Europe. Like most “victims of white racism” it is not simply because they are different, it is because as a whole they destroy white civilization.

Obama To Deport Illegal Irish

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I`m glad to see priorities are in order when it comes to illegals
Here`s a local story about the rising crime of illegal Hispanic`s and the
gang problems that entail.


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