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January 10, 2010

11 Year Old Girl Murdered, Repeat Sex Offender Charged

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R.I.P. Sarah Foxwell

“Wicomico County authorities said they intend to seek the death penalty in the case of an 11-year-old Maryland girl whose body was found on Christmas Day, two days after police say she was abducted by a registered sex offender.

A judge denied bail Monday to Thomas Leggs Jr., 30, of Salisbury, who was arrested on charges of kidnapping and burglary in the disappearance of Sarah Foxwell.

A younger sister awoke Tuesday night to see Sarah leaving her bedroom with Leggs, a former boyfriend of their aunt, who is the children’s guardian, according to court records. Sarah’s green toothbrush, which was missing, was found in Leggs’ truck, records say.

Leggs was convicted of a third-degree sex offense in a 1997 case involving a 12-year-old girl who was volunteering at a “haunted woods” just before Halloween. In Delaware, he is listed as a “high-risk” sex offender in connection with the rape of a minor in 2001.”

This is a truly disturbing story for several reasons. For one the guy who is accused , whether or not he did it or not, should not have even been on the streets after seeing his past convictions. Secondly the guardian of Sarah let this guy into her house and around her daughter. There is a reason sex offenders are made to register and have that information made public. Anyone can search their local sex offender database and see who is on it.

There was another local story recently of a 17 year old who raped a 7 year old in Annapolis in which “Two psychologists and a county social worker have said his best chance to obtain treatment is through juvenile court.

Fortunately charges have been upgraded and this guy may never walk the streets again.


December 27, 2009

Political Correctness Allows Whites To Put Themselves In Danger

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Below are two local horrific news stories that should have never happened. White people have allowed themselves to be put in harms way through the medias indoctrination and the denial of reality. The father in the first story especially should have never allowed his daughter into this situation. He says she was the only White kid at the party. The outcome of this case is especially disgusting as once again black criminality is written off as something else.

Irishman seeks justice for his gang-raped teenage daughter

A YEAR after the crime, Séamus T’s voice still quivers when he recalls how he found his daughter Erin, then 15, lying on the roadside on the night of January 3rd, 2009.

“Daddy, Daddy, get them off me,” she kept moaning. The girl was semi-conscious, and was soaking wet because her assailants had put her under a shower to wash vomit and menstrual blood off her after they gang-raped her.

The ordeal started as a cosy reunion of three high-school girls after the holidays. Séamus T dropped his daughter off at an apartment in Gaithersburg, Maryland, at 8.30pm, and was to have picked her up three hours later.


Two more stories below are similar in nature. It is a sad state of affairs when white men in this country have sacrificed our women and children to escape being “racist”. We need our people to accept reality and start working towards a better future. It is time for Change For Our People

Woman raped, cut in Canton after allowing man to shovel sidewalk

In the Baltimore incident, the man had been paid for shoveling and had left. Later, the 26-year-old victim was inside the kitchen and she heard a knock on a side door. This time, the man forced his way inside and grabbed a kitchen knife, then sexually assaulted her in the kitchen and in an upstairs bedroom, records show.

During the assault, he cut her throat with the knife, causing a 5-inch gash that nipped her jugular, according to documents. As she was bleeding, the man stole cash, a bank card and two cell phones.

Baltimore County Police Trying to Bust Essex Cat Burglar

In the holiday season, there’s one man who is welcome in stranger’s homes overnight.  But it’s not Santa who’s been visiting townhouses in the Essex area.  Instead, police say it’s a cat burglar who makes his way into the bedrooms of women or teenage girls, often just before dawn.

December 5, 2009

Christopher Jones, Thomas Cunningham, Aysha Ring, R.I.P.

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A case that made huge news here in Maryland recently was further highlighted by the criminality of non white culture. The case I`m referring to is of 14 year old Christopher Jones. Young Christopher was attacked by a gang of black teenagers. The attack unfortunately led to the death of Christopher. Yesterday the second of those on trial was sentenced up to four years in a juvenile facility.

We at One Maryland are not trying to use these cases to advance some kind of agenda. Instead this story further reinforces the fact that there are distinct differences between the cultures of the races and that we need to quit ignoring the elephant in the room. This case should be the standard for opposing section 8 housing and other “forced integration” programs in our state. The statistics of interracial violence overwhelmingly show whites as victims and it seems that attacks such as this one are occurring on an almost daily basis.

Another brutal murder here in Maryland that happened last year has just wrapped up in the courts also. 24 year old Aysha Ring`s “…throat and wrists were slashed while she waited in line at a Catonsville convenience store last November.” The defendant was found not criminally responsible.

If mass media cannot cover up these stories they will certainly try hard to cover up the racial aspects of them but we have been documenting these cases for what they are. Yet another recent horrific story is of Thomas Cunningham who was killed in front of his 13 year old daughter while out getting ice cream.

As mentioned above we need to quit ignoring the elephant in the room. No matter how uncomfortable they try and make you feel, we need to admit the facts and start working to correct it. It is time for Change For Our People

Maryland`s Illegal Immigration Costs

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“Simultaneous studies, released this week by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), document the true costs of illegal immigration in Maryland and demonstrate strong voter objections to the burdens placed on them by illegal immigration. The price tag associated with providing education, health care and incarceration of criminal illegal aliens is at least $1.3 billion a year…”

Although the vast majority of people are against illegal immigration it is clear our politicians have no concern for us, as shown in this story quoted below

“Because Maryland is one of the most pro-illegal immigration states in the country, Virginia’s immigrant gangs have naturally begun relocating there. Maryland’s sanctuary cities, taxpayer-subsidized day labor centers, support for non-citizen voting, and lax drivers license laws are a magnet for illegal immigration and immigrant gangs.”

Just to further the absurdity of it all, here is a local story of an “immigrant” (backed by various organizations who seek to undermine America`s laws) suing the Frederick County Sheriff`s office. Their refusal to state her immigration status in this story combined with the fact she was arrested make it pretty obvious she is not a legal citizen. They ignore this though and go on to say that she “committed no criminal offense under Maryland law”.

November 21, 2009

Ole Miss Bans “Racist” Song

“JACKSON, Miss. — The University of Mississippi has shortened one of its fight songs to discourage football fans from chanting “the South will rise again” during part of the tune, which critics say is an offensive reminder of the region’s intolerant past.”

As we continue to stress in this blog- Moral appeals for equal rights of minorities are just a front… or in this case moral appeals to end “racism”. Their true agenda to dispossess white Americans and destroy our culture always comes out in the end. It`s the same old story again and again- desegregate, then complain about racism, then destroy all vestiges of white culture in said arena. As Horus says in White Rabbit Radio “Anti racism is just a code word for anti white”.

Political Cesspool Radio discussed this story last week (11-14-09) as well as several others concerning both pro and college level football and how political correctness has reared it`s ugly head. Here is yet another recent story stating the desire to dispossess whites from coaching jobs.

A quote from the article linked above says-

“We need a civil rights movement in college sport now,” wrote Dr. Richard Lapchick, director of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport. “The BCA believed that an open and objective process would ultimately result in more opportunities for African Americans to be named as head coaches. The HRC has been a start but has not been sufficient.”

Non whites will come together in a heartbeat to rally behind their own in the dispossession of White America. It is time we stand together and start supporting those oppose these policies and who will work in our best interests.  One Maryland is doing that here. Please contact us for more info

November 17, 2009

Maryland`s Hate Crime Bias And Media Cowards

I remember vaguely hearing about this murder a few years ago. It never made any real news-

“On April 23, 2006 Jennifer Morelock, a pregnant 25-year-old Caucasian woman, and Jason Woycio, a 29-year-old Caucasian man, pulled into the 2500 block of Arunah Avenue in West Baltimore in a red Pontiac Grand Am. While they were there, a person walked up to the car and shot them repeatedly. Davon Temple, a then-17 African-American male, was arrested for their murders five days later. But on June 7, 2006, all charges against him were dropped. According to charging documents, Temple had a text message on his phone that said “I killed 2 white people around my way 2day & 1 of them was a woman.””

Here is an excellent commentary by Gregory Kane on this. I have read his pieces for awhile and I give him kudos for continuously taking to task the African community on their actions. Unlike the race hustlers he doesn`t try and disguise non white crime as white racism. The big question, where was the rest of the local media in this story? Had the roles been reversed you all know damn well this story would be burned into our minds and still be brought up today. While we are on the subject of stories, another one I heard was of a white guy who met a black woman from Baltimore while he was in college down south. He came to live with her here in Baltimore on North Avenue (an all black area). One day he was walking to the store and was murdered and just left on the street as everyone walked by much the same as Kirsten Brydum. While we have yet to verify that one we did post a link to another local story that was quickly swept under the rug here.

We at One Maryland have created this blog to expose the media and their biased reporting as the frauds they are. As members of the dispossessed majority of Maryland, we know that we have no place in the current system. We are trapped between those that sell us out and bleed us dry on a political level and those that rape, rob, and murder us on a street level.

And yes we do know that race transcends both the political and street level. We at One Maryland oppose anyone of any race who ruins the future of the decent and hardworking people of our communities. Please contact us if you would like to work with us for a better future.

November 11, 2009

1st Act of Dixon Trial: Jury Selection

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An update on the beginning process for the trial of Baltimore`s mayor.

“Not to sound like Al Sharpton, but I’d keep off most white folks,” said defense attorney Warren A. Brown. “It’s not being racist, but blacks are going to be more sympathetic to a black public official who is being prosecuted.”

I guess they figure if OJ can get off with a jury of peers, so can Sheila Dixon


November 1, 2009

Lemaricus Davidson Sentenced To Death

The gates of Tennessee’s only death row prison opened wide for Lemaricus Davidson tonight, hours after a Knox County jury sentenced him to die for his role as the ringleader in the January 2007 carjacking, torture and killings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

Just like the horrific murders in Wichita and a similar incident that happened here in Maryland a few years ago which received virtually no media attention, the Knoxville murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome have been almost entirely blacked out by mass media. One of the main reasons One Maryland created this blog is because mass media is dominated by a liberal agenda and those of the dispossesed majority know that this agenda is not in their best interest. The people at One Maryland are not wavered by criticism and false accusations. If you help support us we WILL work in the best interest for you and continue building our media and political organizations.

October 31, 2009

The Local NAACP Are Racists

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Marvin “Doc” Cheatham, the head of the local NAACP is trying to introduce legislation to keep a white person from becoming mayor on the basis that Baltimore is a majority black city. Just to spell out double standard- affirmative action is created to displace whites in order to give things to minorities/ non whites. Once these non whites become majority we are told things must be representative of their population. Get it yet?  Once again as emphasized many times throughout this blog, moral appeals for equal rights of minorities are just a front. Their true agenda to dispossess white Americans and destroy our culture always comes out in the end. One Maryland seeks to create organizations specifically for the rights of the hard working men and women who have become the dispossessed population of Maryland. If you would like to help us or support us in our endeavors please contact us. It is time for Change For Our People.

Is There Really A Difference Between Races?

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This piece goes off into several different topics. The origin is in new evidence of racial differences, but the focus of this is on those that deny it and the efforts they use to do so.

New scientific evidence has many leftists worried as their efforts to deny the existence of difference`s in races is being proven as the falsehood it is.  This effort has been in place for years as liberals and leftists who hate white culture and want to see it destroyed have taken over many positions of influence and academia and use them to claim to be the moral authority. Through their hijacking of these positions (in which they also only promote others who support their leftist agenda) they use their suit and tie positions and expensive media campaigns to portray themselves as respectable intellectuals while insulting the white working class who accept reality for what it is. The campaign to destroy natural law and overthrow traditional White America was put into full effect in the 60`s more so by physical methods through the use of the anti war movement, freedom riders, riots, etc, and in the 70`s through a more subtle campaign that reached into the homes of all. Two paragraphs from this article demonstrating the latter are posted below

How did it happen? It happened because we were deliberately brainwashed, deliberately conditioned psychologically by clever propagandists. Television was the principal propaganda medium — and still is. The most popular television shows, which nearly every American viewed — shows such as All in the Family and M*A*S*H — were clever propaganda, designed deliberately to make “racism” a feared label and to put a whole range of other ideas and attitudes beyond the pale of acceptability, while at the same time making acceptable certain types of behavior which previously were abhorrent to most Americans.

All in the Family’s Archie Bunker was used to make White Americans with traditional ideas about race and sexuality seem ridiculous, to seem ignorant and small-minded. M*A*S*H, starring the leftist actor Alan Alda, was used to make Whites with traditional attitudes seem like vicious bigots, despised by all decent people. Tens of millions of White Americans watched these programs on black-and-white television screens week after week. I was one of those White Americans. The programs were genuinely funny, genuinely entertaining. And they were genuinely poisonous to the easily manipulated lemmings who made up the vast majority of the viewers.

Writing this reminds me of an email we received from a college student who instead of asking about our position automatically assumed we were the uneducated and ignorant stereotype portrayed by mass media.  A typical  white specimen of liberal poisoning, he seemed so proud of himself in denying the preservation of his own race and in declaring his acceptance of all races, as it was a product of the “enlightenment” (his own words) that he was receiving in his current college education.  These products of enlightenment are in fact just pawns used to overthrow the current system.

This leftist college curriculum is strictly adhered to as stated by Matt Johnson. Mr Johnson is a former professor of history at St Mary`s University here in Maryland and was dismissed for his refusal to toe the politically correct line. In this radio broadcast he discusses that, as well as the Marxist`s hatred for the white working class as evident through their portrayal in mass media as stated previously. More specifically he talks about how people like Jeff Foxworthy and the Blue Collar Comedy team are used to further this negative stereotype.

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