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December 20, 2009

Recent Radio Broadcasts

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Once again I have to promote a couple recent radio shows. The existence of independent media is essential in countering the biased reporting of major facets of mass media. I encourage everyone to check out the various broadcasts as they openly and intelligently discuss taboo topics that mass media is scared to address honestly.

First there is the interview with Dr Greg Johnson by Tom Sunic.  Dr. Johnson is the editor of The Occidental Quarterly (TOQ) and TOQ Online. I listened to him awhile ago on Political Cesspool Radio and it was one of the best interviews I have heard. This one with Tom Sunic is even better IMO and is definitely one to hear. You can listen or download it here

Two more great interviews come from Jim Giles. The first is an excellent interview with Jared Taylor discussing what has become of our place in society. It is available at the link posted for the date of 12-1-09. The second is an interview with Arthur Kemp who discusses an outline for political success for White Americans. He also discusses many problems he sees with the current state of affairs in the “movement”. That one is posted for the date of 11-27-09

An announcement from Voice Of Reason Radio is the addition of Jamie Kelso to their list of hosts. Mr Kelso will be doing a 2 hour show Monday through Friday. Read more here


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