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December 20, 2009

White Guilt In America

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We linked to this article in a previous post, however this is one I want to make sure everyone reads so I am giving it it`s own post. It is about the teaching of white guilt in our school systems, the double standards in doing so, and the negative effect it has on our people in both our mental state and also in how others perceive us based on our assumed “collective racism”.


Over the years, I have heard other prospective young Caucasian teachers express shame in being white after progressing through the public school system.  They were taught that the history of whiteness was the history of oppression, or as Susan Sontag [6] put it years ago, “the cancer of human history.” Such accusations are a way of playing whites by piling on them [7] .

The framing of whiteness as a cancer dehumanizes whites and makes it easier for some individuals to treat whites in ways they would never tolerate.  White resistance to these accusations is cast as evidence of white denial, an emotionally unhealthy condition that calls for reeducation until whites see and accept their stigma and confess their shame.  This is all so very antithetical to what Dr. King fought for; color does not predetermine conduct.  This is a racist view.

The logic of the accusation of whites as inherently oppressive leaves whites with few options; confess your racism or allegedly expose your racism through denial.  Either choice ultimately confirms the accusation.  Whites are not all racists any more than minorities are all victims.  Race matters get so distorted at times.

Moreover, framing whites as the architects of oppression partially explains the hostile assault on past and present America.  Some leading multiculturalists and revisionists use the stigma of racism to advance their claims of abuse against the system they also demand (and obtain) various reparations and special privileges from.  Too often race has become a political weapon to advance not only equal rights but also special rights, the very thing some race agitators claim to despise about white history while seeking it for themselves.


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