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December 27, 2009

Communist and Drag Queen Ornaments on White House Christmas Tree

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“Critics of President Obama are setting their sights this week on the official White House Christmas tree, which features controversial ornaments including an orb depicting the late Chinese dictator, another that shows drag queen Hedda Lettuce, and yet another that shows a picture of Mount Rushmore — with Obama’s head pasted to the side of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt’s.”


Merry Christmas!!

This is a couple days late but we at One Maryland hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Below are two different pieces by prominent writers on the subject of this European holiday which is under attack along with the rest of our culture and heritage. As with most of what is posted in this blog both pieces below will be considered politically incorrect, but then again we live in a society where Christmas itself has become politically incorrect. So check them out for yourself and make your own decisions.

The Abolition Of Christmas: Patrick J Buchanan

WebNote: Pat Buchanan wrote this column back in December 2001. It is one of my favorites and is posted today as as we observe this Christmas of 2009.

And why should a tiny few who resent Christmas prevail in America over the great joyous majority who love it?

By Patrick J. Buchanan – December 21, 2001

When I was a boy, Kensington was a village half an hour north of Chevy Chase Circle where, inside an ice-cold armory, Catholic kids practiced basketball. Montgomery County was a bedroom suburb of D.C. Nothing beyond existed, except for the Rockville drive-in.

This fall, both precincts became world-famous as citadels of wacko liberalism. The Montgomery County Council voted to fine homeowners $500 who let cigarette smoke escape into neighbors’ houses. And the Kensington council voted to purge Santa from its 30-year-old tradition of lighting a pine tree in front of town hall.

Why did the Kensington Taliban expel St. Nick? Says the mayor: “Because two families felt that they would be uncomfortable with Santa Claus being a part of the event.” Ebeneezer Scrooge felt the same way.

Now this may not be in the Christmas spirit, but it needs to be said, as writer Tom Piatak says it so well in Chronicles. The spirit that seeks to purge Santa, and has already purged Christ from Christmas, is not a spirit of tolerance, but a spirit of “hatred, resentment and envy.”

And why should a tiny few who resent Christmas prevail in America over the great joyous majority who love it?

Multiculturalists say Christmas celebrations cause “non-Christians to feel ‘left out.’ I am skeptical, but even if the multiculturalists are right,” says Piatak, “how much should we worry about those who feel left out. … We cannot forever shield non-Christians from the reality that they are a minority in America, and suppressing the observances of the majority seems a high price to pay to allow overly sensitive souls to live in comfortable delusion.”

Moreover, he adds, “Christmas in America was never marked by pogroms or expressions of hatred, but by countless acts of charity and kindness. … The public celebration of Christmas was capable of being enjoyed by non-Christians as well as Christians, and almost everyone did enjoy at least some of it. I know of non-Christians who enjoy Christmas specials, Christmas movies, Christmas music.”

Under true tolerance, schoolchildren whose parents do not wish for them to take part in Christmas carols, pageants or plays would be exempt, but all non-Christians would be invited to join in.

But, as multiculturalists know, the result of free choice would be the almost-universal celebration of Christmas in public. And this they cannot abide, for their agenda is to purge from public life the Christian faith that gave birth to Western civilization. For they believe Western civilization was a blight upon mankind. As that great multiculturalist Jesse Jackson put it, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go!”

“Europe is the faith, the faith is Europe,” asserted the Catholic writer Hillaire Belloc. Piatak echoes Belloc. Christmas “has been the principal holiday of the world’s most creative civilization for over a millennium. It has inspired a profusion of art, architecture, literature and music; a love of Christmas can lead to a deeper love of our whole civilization. Giotto never painted a Kwanzaa scene, Bach did not write a Hanukkah oratorio, and Dickens did not pen ‘A Ramadan Carol.’ And no one comparable to them did, either.”

Indeed, the birth of Christ has inspired more great paintings, music and sculpture than any event in history. “Ultimately,” writes Piatak, “we should be free to celebrate Christmas publicly and joyously, because it is a great holiday, and because it is our holiday and one of the crowning glories of Western culture that gave birth to America and sustains us still.”

But why, then, are we not free to do so? Why may we not celebrate, as we did for 200 years, the birth of our Savior, the day God became man to open up for us the gates of heaven and bring mankind the hope of eternal salvation?

Answer: Because our Constitution has been hijacked by bigots in black robes, who perverted it to de-Christianize America. And we let them get away with it. Second, because Christians have become an intimidated lot, who will permit themselves to be pushed around and even permit their Savior to go uncelebrated for fear of being called insensitive. But if we do not proclaim the Son of God, will He proclaim us before the Father in heaven?

If Jesus was truly God, and the first Christmas was the day he was born of the Virgin Mary, and He came into the world for our salvation, what does it say about us that we would permit a handful of unhappy people to deny us the right to celebrate His birth in our public squares?

But, nevertheless, “God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing ye dismay,” not even the ACLU on this coming Christmas Day.


Oh Silent Night, Oh Holy Night…
A Christmas Message
Written and spoken  by David Duke

Christmas is the most holy day for the European people wherever we are in the world from Siberia to San Francisco, from Alaska to Auckland. Christmas is even more than a religious moment. For our forefathers took up the Christian faith and expressed its motif in the very art, heart and soul of what we call Western Civilization. Today, Christmas has even transcended that motif. For Christmas has become about all that we celebrate as Europeans. After its Christian symbolism, it is foremost about family, roots and community.

It is no accident that it closely coincides with the even more ancient European celebration of solstice, for solstice is the celebration of the nadir of winter, and the warmth and beauty and light to come. And it certainly is the most meaningful day of the year for all Europeans; Protestant or Catholic, Christian or Norse, Believer or nonbeliever. For on this day we are all believers in a sense. We are believers in goodness, in beauty, in nature, in love, in the bright faces of our children and the angelic light reflected from their eyes and hair.

All the way through Christmas is the expression of life, from the birth of the savior, to the symbol of life and nature expressed in our fragrant evergreen Christmas trees, to the sheer joy on the faces of our children, to the ruddy-faced white bearded Santa Claus in his red-brightened costume of the far north. An apt symbol is Father Christmas for he is like the archetypical grandfather of our people. European legend has him coming from the northern icy regions, and that symbolizes the ancestral home of our people. In fact, our race was fashioned and honed in the crucible of the last great ice age and the fierce weather that ruled over Europe 40,000 years ago. This archetypical European Santa comes to us in the dead of winter and the dead of night to bring us gifts of love, joy and hope!

For all of us in the Movement dedicated to the life and freedom of our people, Christmas should be a holy day and Christmas eve a holy night, a silent night of wonder, beauty and meaning. The most daunting enemy of our people is hopelessness and despair. We who are fully aware of the ongoing genocide of our folk across the world, the onrushing death of the West and the people of the West, sometimes seek to lessen the hurt in our heart of hearts by the solace of alcohol or what is but a mass addiction to the great spectator sports in the Western World, anything it seems to get our minds off of the mind-numbing prospect of the destruction and extinction of all we hold close to our hearts.

But, those who have written off the European American people will be surprised in the next decade, for a great awakening is now stirring among our Folk. The same genes that gave us our ancient heroes and artisans, commanders and poets are still within us. They are still in the soul and sinew of our children. It is our sacred task to touch those genes, to touch the hearts and minds of our people and bring them to the truth and ultimately to life again!

As solstice/Christmas is the nadir of winter, so this moment in history is the nadir of our people. But, the winter winds of death will be replaced soon with a warm spring breeze of life and renewal. We have been given the gifts of Christmas. One gift we have is the Internet by which our people can communicate wherever they are in the world… in an instant. We now have the ability to get the truth out to our brethren at the speed of light wherever our people dwell.

Right now as you read or hear these words, there are teenage boys and girls in their own homes around the world who hear these words along with you. And these words sing to their hearts as they do sing from mine. What is the song we sing? It is the song of love of family and folk, it is the song of life and of freedom, it is the song of beauty and achievement, it is the song our people have sung in their hearts from the time they emerged from the snow mists and brought civilization to the earth. It is a song that we shall sing as we awaken and it is a song that will stir the hearts of our descendents even as they travel to the infinite stars.

Have no fear my brethren, this is the Winter solstice of our people, the Spring will not be far behind if only you keep the faith, keep the beauty for which we strive in your hearts, contemplate these things in the silence of Christmas eve, and celebrate them in the unrestrained joy of Christmas day with family and friends, for these days are your days, make them meaningful.

Oh silent night, oh holy night! Let the love of kith an kin fill our hearts. Let these days renew us and rededicate us to our heritage and our freedom.

This has been David Duke
Merry Christmas and to all a good night


December 20, 2009

Public Schools- Can Your Kids Survive Long Enough To Be Indoctrinated?

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I`ve heard people say for years about how our nations school systems have become more for political indoctrination than to actually educate. While this may or may not be true, it is evident that a militant political correctness has taken an ugly hold on it`s criteria. A couple recent news stories include Obama`s new “Safe Schools Czar” (who was also the founder and Executive Director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) promoting books describing gay sex acts to school children. Some text can be graphic so read at your own risk here and here.

Another trend in our school systems is the teaching of “white guilt” as the history of our people has been re written to make us the evil oppressors of all. This guilt is furthermore now being promoted by hollywood actors and actresses. I guess their roles in promoting decadence on the big screen is just not enough for them-

Hollywood celebrities and education gurus have teamed together to distribute to schools across the country a dramatic new curriculum that casts American history as an epic march of victims seeking to shrug off the shackles of the warmongering, racist, capitalist, imperialist United States.”

In yet another story that is a whole other discussion in itself, a teacher in Las Vegas is under fire for giving her opinion on the Holocaust.  Personally, I am not interested much in history as it`s sequence of events are constantly changing based on new discoveries and are in fact not set in stone. Just as described in the previous paragraph we are witnessing the re writing of history right before our eyes, for it is said that the propoganda of the victor becomes the history of the vanquished. Therefor I do feel that for a subject matter to be promoted so strongly in our schools, one should be allowed to discuss it freely. One comment left for this story says-

“Meanwhile, other teachers are giving their opinions on the Vietnam war or on communist Russia or on other topics and doing so inaccurately but it is NEVER called for them to be fired, it is ONLY ever called for when the topic of dissent is the alleged holocaust.”

Aside from the mental abuse our people can face from such things, there is still the issue of our public schools becoming turned into third world hells that make it unsafe for all. This degradation of our society is a direct result of the lack of political involvement of our people and the lack of support for those who do want to make this a better place for you and your children.

December 16, 2009

UFC Bans Hoelzer Reich Clothing

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The Hoelzer Reich clothing company out of California has been banned by the UFC and other fight teams because their imagery offends some people. The images in question are said to be representative of Nazi Germany but in fact date back hundreds of years before that point in time. At the same time people like Jeff Monson who has communist symbols tattooed on his body is allowed to continue fighting.  Communist governments have been responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people world wide, well more than Nazi Germany.

In another double standard, fighter Cain Velasquez has Brown Pride tattooed across his collar bone. If a white guy had White Pride would he be allowed to fight? I doubt it. Certain people have been pushing hard to ban several white fighters because they believe in the preservation of their European heritage. These people who openly take a stand for us deserve our support. It is an uphill battle in this society where wanting to preserve White European culture is the ultimate evil and those who openly do so are literally putting everything on the line.

Aside from supporting those who support us we need to stop supporting those who don`t. More importantly, we need our own special interest groups to defend those that have become dispossessed because of political reasons.

November 28, 2009

WW2 Vets Say Britain Has Betrayed Them

Excellent commentary/ article from one of the countries at the forefront of cultural, moral, and soveirgn destruction. It is no wonder the British National Party is fairing so well today in the UK. Organizations like the BNP and others are demonized by mass media at every turn. This is because mass media is an extension of corporate globalists and are helping to carry out their agenda. No matter how much screaming and hollering media does about “racism”, etc., our people need to realize the Nationalist parties are the only ones who will fight for them.

‘This isn’t the Britain we fought for,’ say the ‘unknown warriors’ of WWII

Nearly 400,000 Britons died. Millions more were scarred by the experience, physically and mentally.

But was it worth it? Her answer – and the answer of many of her contemporaries, now in their 80s and 90s – is a resounding No.

They despise what has become of the Britain they once fought to save. It’s not our country any more, they say, in sorrow and anger.

Sarah harks back to the days when ‘people kept the laws and were polite and courteous. We didn’t have much money, but we were contented and happy.

‘People whistled and sang. There was still the United Kingdom, our country, which we had fought for, our freedom, democracy. But where is it now?!’

Full article here

November 21, 2009

Ole Miss Bans “Racist” Song

“JACKSON, Miss. — The University of Mississippi has shortened one of its fight songs to discourage football fans from chanting “the South will rise again” during part of the tune, which critics say is an offensive reminder of the region’s intolerant past.”

As we continue to stress in this blog- Moral appeals for equal rights of minorities are just a front… or in this case moral appeals to end “racism”. Their true agenda to dispossess white Americans and destroy our culture always comes out in the end. It`s the same old story again and again- desegregate, then complain about racism, then destroy all vestiges of white culture in said arena. As Horus says in White Rabbit Radio “Anti racism is just a code word for anti white”.

Political Cesspool Radio discussed this story last week (11-14-09) as well as several others concerning both pro and college level football and how political correctness has reared it`s ugly head. Here is yet another recent story stating the desire to dispossess whites from coaching jobs.

A quote from the article linked above says-

“We need a civil rights movement in college sport now,” wrote Dr. Richard Lapchick, director of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport. “The BCA believed that an open and objective process would ultimately result in more opportunities for African Americans to be named as head coaches. The HRC has been a start but has not been sufficient.”

Non whites will come together in a heartbeat to rally behind their own in the dispossession of White America. It is time we stand together and start supporting those oppose these policies and who will work in our best interests.  One Maryland is doing that here. Please contact us for more info

October 31, 2009

The Local NAACP Are Racists

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Marvin “Doc” Cheatham, the head of the local NAACP is trying to introduce legislation to keep a white person from becoming mayor on the basis that Baltimore is a majority black city. Just to spell out double standard- affirmative action is created to displace whites in order to give things to minorities/ non whites. Once these non whites become majority we are told things must be representative of their population. Get it yet?  Once again as emphasized many times throughout this blog, moral appeals for equal rights of minorities are just a front. Their true agenda to dispossess white Americans and destroy our culture always comes out in the end. One Maryland seeks to create organizations specifically for the rights of the hard working men and women who have become the dispossessed population of Maryland. If you would like to help us or support us in our endeavors please contact us. It is time for Change For Our People.

October 29, 2009

The New Counter Culture: Liberty

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Here is a link to a “mainstream” article that basically said the same thing I did last week- that the left has taken over and subverted many institutions of society. Another commentary posted in the  blog for a local music distro writes about how they took advantage of the anti war movement of the 60`s and used it to accomplish their own goals. You can read that one here-

Yale Daily News- White Europeans: An Endangered Species?

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This is an article written in the Yale Daily News based on the demographic changes
in White European countries

Here is another article by local talk radio host Ron Smith

As referenced to in the above article, Pat Buchanan`s book- The Death Of
The West is a great read on this subject. As we have stated before the
rapid change of demographics in this country coupled by White Europeans
being placed as second class citizens has pushed more and more once silent
individuals off the fence. What has once been known as basically a fringe
element for years is now becoming a legitimate political movement being thrust 
into the forefront by the natural survival instinct that exists in our people. 
Self preservation is not hate.

Happy Shamrock Day

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Below is an update sent out last St Patrick`s Day. Note this quote
from the article-
"...and some places in this country have changed the name of their
community celebrations of Celtic heritage to the "nonoffending"

Of course Celtic heritage means White heritage in case you didn`t pick up
on it. What people fail to realize is that this is an assault on white culture
as a whole. Those who claim to fight against "white racism" use it as a disguise
for their hatred of white culture in general. It is not just an 
attack on whites who are openly proud of their heritage (something they call hate), 
it is their desire to destroy white culture as a whole and replace it with their
idea of utopia. My question is- why should those who do not want to live the way they do  
be forced accept it? 

Nice comment left at the end of the article as well- Whoever thought the
word "diverse" would be so "oppressive?"

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