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December 16, 2009

UFC Bans Hoelzer Reich Clothing

Filed under: Double Standards, The Death Of European Culture — mdstate @ 1:43 pm

The Hoelzer Reich clothing company out of California has been banned by the UFC and other fight teams because their imagery offends some people. The images in question are said to be representative of Nazi Germany but in fact date back hundreds of years before that point in time. At the same time people like Jeff Monson who has communist symbols tattooed on his body is allowed to continue fighting.  Communist governments have been responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people world wide, well more than Nazi Germany.

In another double standard, fighter Cain Velasquez has Brown Pride tattooed across his collar bone. If a white guy had White Pride would he be allowed to fight? I doubt it. Certain people have been pushing hard to ban several white fighters because they believe in the preservation of their European heritage. These people who openly take a stand for us deserve our support. It is an uphill battle in this society where wanting to preserve White European culture is the ultimate evil and those who openly do so are literally putting everything on the line.

Aside from supporting those who support us we need to stop supporting those who don`t. More importantly, we need our own special interest groups to defend those that have become dispossessed because of political reasons.


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