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October 29, 2009

Record Number Tune In To See Nick Griffin

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A recent debate on Question Time BBC that featured BNP leader and elected member of European Parliament Nick Griffin had a record number of viewers as 8 million people tuned in. The BBC congratulated itself afterwards, not only because of the record number of viewers but also for the fact that they totally insulted Mr Griffin. This self congratulations soon turned to worry though as the hostile treatment given to Mr Griffin may have worked against them. That link shows that after this appearance 1 in 5 voters are now considering joining the BNP. As we have stated here many times in past posts, the people who claim to want “equal rights for minorities” in fact want to destroy white civilization and turn our indigenous countries over to anyone who they feel can do so. Links to the videos are also below and any white person who still has some sense of racial identity should be disgusted at the way they attack Mr Griffin. It shows the true nature of these people and their hatred for white people who do desire their preservation. On another related subject, a recent celebration that took place in Pennsylvania to honor Leif Erikson was disrupted by a group of leftists who hate white culture and want to see it destroyed. It is the same story time and time again. They hide behind “moral appeals” of “oppressed minorities”, but their true hate for white civilization and values is shown in the end. Back on the subject of Mr Griffin, it should also be remembered that while these people belittle him and make him seem like a minority in his work, he was in fact ELECTED into position by the British people.

Below is the first of several parts. The other video links can be found with this one


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