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January 10, 2009

What Is A Hate Crime?

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Not A Hate Crime

Arrests have been made in the brutal killing of a 21 year old pregnant white woman in Detroit.

Not A Hate Crime

Brittnay Nichols was stabbed to death in her North Ogden apartment by Johnny Maurice Bell

An editorial about this story is here

Excerpt- There have been over 50,000 Whites murdered in the US since the end of de-segregation –more fatalities than the US suffered in the Korean War, but we’re all told by the liberals that ending segregation was a great accomplishment. Liberals never admit that their policies are
failures or that they’ve made life worse for White people —which they
always do. White taxpayers always get stuck with the bill for new liberal
programs. Young White people are still losing college entry slots to
Blacks and Latinos. White workers in all professions are likely to lose
jobs or promotions to less-qualified quota-hire minorities. And this
discrimination is going on by the millions of jobs per year –far worse
than any alleged discrimination against Blacks in the 1950s.

Now THIS Is A Hate Crime

THIBODAUX – Two Lafourche Parish teens were charged with committing a hate crimes after allegedly making threats against a shipyard worker because of his nationality, the Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.


January 9, 2009


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There is an excellent discussion in this article about many issues that are affecting the family and future of White Europeans. Many sources cited also

The audio version can be found here

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