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December 20, 2009

Recent Radio Broadcasts

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Once again I have to promote a couple recent radio shows. The existence of independent media is essential in countering the biased reporting of major facets of mass media. I encourage everyone to check out the various broadcasts as they openly and intelligently discuss taboo topics that mass media is scared to address honestly.

First there is the interview with Dr Greg Johnson by Tom Sunic.  Dr. Johnson is the editor of The Occidental Quarterly (TOQ) and TOQ Online. I listened to him awhile ago on Political Cesspool Radio and it was one of the best interviews I have heard. This one with Tom Sunic is even better IMO and is definitely one to hear. You can listen or download it here

Two more great interviews come from Jim Giles. The first is an excellent interview with Jared Taylor discussing what has become of our place in society. It is available at the link posted for the date of 12-1-09. The second is an interview with Arthur Kemp who discusses an outline for political success for White Americans. He also discusses many problems he sees with the current state of affairs in the “movement”. That one is posted for the date of 11-27-09

An announcement from Voice Of Reason Radio is the addition of Jamie Kelso to their list of hosts. Mr Kelso will be doing a 2 hour show Monday through Friday. Read more here


November 28, 2009

WW2 Vets Say Britain Has Betrayed Them

Excellent commentary/ article from one of the countries at the forefront of cultural, moral, and soveirgn destruction. It is no wonder the British National Party is fairing so well today in the UK. Organizations like the BNP and others are demonized by mass media at every turn. This is because mass media is an extension of corporate globalists and are helping to carry out their agenda. No matter how much screaming and hollering media does about “racism”, etc., our people need to realize the Nationalist parties are the only ones who will fight for them.

‘This isn’t the Britain we fought for,’ say the ‘unknown warriors’ of WWII

Nearly 400,000 Britons died. Millions more were scarred by the experience, physically and mentally.

But was it worth it? Her answer – and the answer of many of her contemporaries, now in their 80s and 90s – is a resounding No.

They despise what has become of the Britain they once fought to save. It’s not our country any more, they say, in sorrow and anger.

Sarah harks back to the days when ‘people kept the laws and were polite and courteous. We didn’t have much money, but we were contented and happy.

‘People whistled and sang. There was still the United Kingdom, our country, which we had fought for, our freedom, democracy. But where is it now?!’

Full article here

November 27, 2009

National Media Silent On “Bias” Crime

“The Denver Police Department announced today that they have made 32 arrests during a sweep to end a four-month spree of what police said were racially motivated assaults and robberies in downtown Denver, including the LoDo entertainment district.”

Note: This blog is not set up to point out every crime committed against our people by others. For one thing, society is sick as a whole and although the numbers are greatly disproportionate against it, there are crimes committed by our own people. The main point of this is to bring attention to the double standards and the hypocrisy of the media in reporting these crimes. Mass media would blow this story through the roof had the races been reversed. They are in effect creating an alter reality that is not in the best interest for our people. While hollywood makes feel good movies with the intention of destroying the natural self-preservation instincts of our people, they will ignore the racial aspects of every day stories like these two recent ones of Freddie Jones who is still in critical condition after being burned alive and of Christopher Kernich, a college student who was beaten to death for no reason. That being said, the purpose of this blog is to make our people realize that we need to rely on our own media, we need to create our own special interests groups, and we need to protect the best interests of our people… because no one else will do it for us.  One Maryland is on the front line to do so. The question is- Will you support us and help us work for a better future, or will you allow allow your children to grow up in a world they are not welcome in?

November 21, 2009

Ole Miss Bans “Racist” Song

“JACKSON, Miss. — The University of Mississippi has shortened one of its fight songs to discourage football fans from chanting “the South will rise again” during part of the tune, which critics say is an offensive reminder of the region’s intolerant past.”

As we continue to stress in this blog- Moral appeals for equal rights of minorities are just a front… or in this case moral appeals to end “racism”. Their true agenda to dispossess white Americans and destroy our culture always comes out in the end. It`s the same old story again and again- desegregate, then complain about racism, then destroy all vestiges of white culture in said arena. As Horus says in White Rabbit Radio “Anti racism is just a code word for anti white”.

Political Cesspool Radio discussed this story last week (11-14-09) as well as several others concerning both pro and college level football and how political correctness has reared it`s ugly head. Here is yet another recent story stating the desire to dispossess whites from coaching jobs.

A quote from the article linked above says-

“We need a civil rights movement in college sport now,” wrote Dr. Richard Lapchick, director of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport. “The BCA believed that an open and objective process would ultimately result in more opportunities for African Americans to be named as head coaches. The HRC has been a start but has not been sufficient.”

Non whites will come together in a heartbeat to rally behind their own in the dispossession of White America. It is time we stand together and start supporting those oppose these policies and who will work in our best interests.  One Maryland is doing that here. Please contact us for more info

November 5, 2009

International Treaties And Our Constitution

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We stated in a previous column about the desire of Nationalist political parties wanting to keep control of their governments by opposing international treaties. In this radio broadcast for the week of 10-17-09 Scott Bradley talks in the second hour about how these treaties are also being used to try and usurp our own government here in the United States. He discusses how it is in fact a fallacy that an international treaty can supersede our Constitution and render us subservient to an international law.

In a related discussion, he interviews Sherriff Richard Mack in the third hour as they discuss the power the county sheriffs and state governors possesses to protect their citizenry from tyranny and encroachments of the federal government. Also discussed are some activities of the Oath Keepers and the role they play in preserving our country by keeping their oath to Constitution rather than a federal dictate. The Oath Keepers are a fast growing group of men and women both active and non active military, police, etc., as well as veterans who have  sworn to honor their oaths to the Constitution and not just “follow orders”.

November 1, 2009

Lemaricus Davidson Sentenced To Death

The gates of Tennessee’s only death row prison opened wide for Lemaricus Davidson tonight, hours after a Knox County jury sentenced him to die for his role as the ringleader in the January 2007 carjacking, torture and killings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

Just like the horrific murders in Wichita and a similar incident that happened here in Maryland a few years ago which received virtually no media attention, the Knoxville murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome have been almost entirely blacked out by mass media. One of the main reasons One Maryland created this blog is because mass media is dominated by a liberal agenda and those of the dispossesed majority know that this agenda is not in their best interest. The people at One Maryland are not wavered by criticism and false accusations. If you help support us we WILL work in the best interest for you and continue building our media and political organizations.

October 31, 2009

Is There Really A Difference Between Races?

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This piece goes off into several different topics. The origin is in new evidence of racial differences, but the focus of this is on those that deny it and the efforts they use to do so.

New scientific evidence has many leftists worried as their efforts to deny the existence of difference`s in races is being proven as the falsehood it is.  This effort has been in place for years as liberals and leftists who hate white culture and want to see it destroyed have taken over many positions of influence and academia and use them to claim to be the moral authority. Through their hijacking of these positions (in which they also only promote others who support their leftist agenda) they use their suit and tie positions and expensive media campaigns to portray themselves as respectable intellectuals while insulting the white working class who accept reality for what it is. The campaign to destroy natural law and overthrow traditional White America was put into full effect in the 60`s more so by physical methods through the use of the anti war movement, freedom riders, riots, etc, and in the 70`s through a more subtle campaign that reached into the homes of all. Two paragraphs from this article demonstrating the latter are posted below

How did it happen? It happened because we were deliberately brainwashed, deliberately conditioned psychologically by clever propagandists. Television was the principal propaganda medium — and still is. The most popular television shows, which nearly every American viewed — shows such as All in the Family and M*A*S*H — were clever propaganda, designed deliberately to make “racism” a feared label and to put a whole range of other ideas and attitudes beyond the pale of acceptability, while at the same time making acceptable certain types of behavior which previously were abhorrent to most Americans.

All in the Family’s Archie Bunker was used to make White Americans with traditional ideas about race and sexuality seem ridiculous, to seem ignorant and small-minded. M*A*S*H, starring the leftist actor Alan Alda, was used to make Whites with traditional attitudes seem like vicious bigots, despised by all decent people. Tens of millions of White Americans watched these programs on black-and-white television screens week after week. I was one of those White Americans. The programs were genuinely funny, genuinely entertaining. And they were genuinely poisonous to the easily manipulated lemmings who made up the vast majority of the viewers.

Writing this reminds me of an email we received from a college student who instead of asking about our position automatically assumed we were the uneducated and ignorant stereotype portrayed by mass media.  A typical  white specimen of liberal poisoning, he seemed so proud of himself in denying the preservation of his own race and in declaring his acceptance of all races, as it was a product of the “enlightenment” (his own words) that he was receiving in his current college education.  These products of enlightenment are in fact just pawns used to overthrow the current system.

This leftist college curriculum is strictly adhered to as stated by Matt Johnson. Mr Johnson is a former professor of history at St Mary`s University here in Maryland and was dismissed for his refusal to toe the politically correct line. In this radio broadcast he discusses that, as well as the Marxist`s hatred for the white working class as evident through their portrayal in mass media as stated previously. More specifically he talks about how people like Jeff Foxworthy and the Blue Collar Comedy team are used to further this negative stereotype.

October 29, 2009

Craig Bodeker Refutes the SPLC

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Awhile ago I sent out the link for "A Conversation About Race". Since then
the SPLC (an extreme leftist organization that hates white people who are
proud of their heritage)attacked the film maker in their typical fashion.
Here is his refute to it.

Once again I encourage everyone to watch it as it is an excellent
documentary in which people candidly discuss "race" in America. After all,
didn`t Eric Holder say we were a bunch of cowards for not addressing the
race issue?

MMA and Straightedge and the Lefts Subversion

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I recently read an idiotic article from a leftist complaining that MMA and the straight edge music scene were being “infiltrated” by people who are openly proud of their white heritage. I found the basis of the entire article hilarious in that the left claims everything to be their own. It is in fact THEIR desire to take over everything in white society to subvert it and turn it into what they want it to be. The examples of this are endless and the best analogy I can make is with our political structure here in the US. The argument from many leftists is that our country was built on immigration. While that may be the case, it was in fact built on White European immigration. Our constitution, our laws, our system of government, etc were all founded on ideals that White Europeans adhere to. These are ideals and morals that liberals obviously don`t have in common as they seek to destroy them. Likewise with MMA and the straightedge scene, our political structure as well as numerous “social equality groups” has many of those involved openly advocating communist and Marxist ideals, and these things have in essence been turned into what they want them to be. A recent broadcast from PC Radio discussed this diversion of our political structure and white society by groups like ACORN and others. Most notable was the discussion of how the Southern Poverty Law Center (an extreme leftist group that hates white people who are proud of their heritage) seeks to overthrow decent white society and corrupt our justice system by advocating to law enforcement that those who believe in the ideals the founding fathers built this country on be profiled as domestic terrorists. You can hear that excellent broadcast here.

This article written by this leftist was just more proof that Whites are fed up and are coming out of the closet. The left know they have pushed to far and the backlash is starting. They are desperately trying to keep control of everything they have subverted. In closing, we need more and more people to start openly proclaiming their loyalty to the preservation of a healthy White society. One Maryland and our affiliates here in Maryland are working on political and social events for those who want to preserve their heritage. If you would like to help out or get involved contact us. It is time for Change For Our People

The Liberator- New Movie

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The Liberator is set to be the first movie produced by Americana Pictures.
There was a interview with both the founder of Americana Pictures and
Craig Bodeker (The guy who made the Conversation About Race documentary)
on last weeks Political Cesspool radio show.
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