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December 27, 2009

Political Correctness Allows Whites To Put Themselves In Danger

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Below are two local horrific news stories that should have never happened. White people have allowed themselves to be put in harms way through the medias indoctrination and the denial of reality. The father in the first story especially should have never allowed his daughter into this situation. He says she was the only White kid at the party. The outcome of this case is especially disgusting as once again black criminality is written off as something else.

Irishman seeks justice for his gang-raped teenage daughter

A YEAR after the crime, Séamus T’s voice still quivers when he recalls how he found his daughter Erin, then 15, lying on the roadside on the night of January 3rd, 2009.

“Daddy, Daddy, get them off me,” she kept moaning. The girl was semi-conscious, and was soaking wet because her assailants had put her under a shower to wash vomit and menstrual blood off her after they gang-raped her.

The ordeal started as a cosy reunion of three high-school girls after the holidays. Séamus T dropped his daughter off at an apartment in Gaithersburg, Maryland, at 8.30pm, and was to have picked her up three hours later.


Two more stories below are similar in nature. It is a sad state of affairs when white men in this country have sacrificed our women and children to escape being “racist”. We need our people to accept reality and start working towards a better future. It is time for Change For Our People

Woman raped, cut in Canton after allowing man to shovel sidewalk

In the Baltimore incident, the man had been paid for shoveling and had left. Later, the 26-year-old victim was inside the kitchen and she heard a knock on a side door. This time, the man forced his way inside and grabbed a kitchen knife, then sexually assaulted her in the kitchen and in an upstairs bedroom, records show.

During the assault, he cut her throat with the knife, causing a 5-inch gash that nipped her jugular, according to documents. As she was bleeding, the man stole cash, a bank card and two cell phones.

Baltimore County Police Trying to Bust Essex Cat Burglar

In the holiday season, there’s one man who is welcome in stranger’s homes overnight.  But it’s not Santa who’s been visiting townhouses in the Essex area.  Instead, police say it’s a cat burglar who makes his way into the bedrooms of women or teenage girls, often just before dawn.


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