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January 10, 2010

11 Year Old Girl Murdered, Repeat Sex Offender Charged

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R.I.P. Sarah Foxwell

“Wicomico County authorities said they intend to seek the death penalty in the case of an 11-year-old Maryland girl whose body was found on Christmas Day, two days after police say she was abducted by a registered sex offender.

A judge denied bail Monday to Thomas Leggs Jr., 30, of Salisbury, who was arrested on charges of kidnapping and burglary in the disappearance of Sarah Foxwell.

A younger sister awoke Tuesday night to see Sarah leaving her bedroom with Leggs, a former boyfriend of their aunt, who is the children’s guardian, according to court records. Sarah’s green toothbrush, which was missing, was found in Leggs’ truck, records say.

Leggs was convicted of a third-degree sex offense in a 1997 case involving a 12-year-old girl who was volunteering at a “haunted woods” just before Halloween. In Delaware, he is listed as a “high-risk” sex offender in connection with the rape of a minor in 2001.”

This is a truly disturbing story for several reasons. For one the guy who is accused , whether or not he did it or not, should not have even been on the streets after seeing his past convictions. Secondly the guardian of Sarah let this guy into her house and around her daughter. There is a reason sex offenders are made to register and have that information made public. Anyone can search their local sex offender database and see who is on it.

There was another local story recently of a 17 year old who raped a 7 year old in Annapolis in which “Two psychologists and a county social worker have said his best chance to obtain treatment is through juvenile court.

Fortunately charges have been upgraded and this guy may never walk the streets again.


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