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October 29, 2009

MMA and Straightedge and the Lefts Subversion

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I recently read an idiotic article from a leftist complaining that MMA and the straight edge music scene were being “infiltrated” by people who are openly proud of their white heritage. I found the basis of the entire article hilarious in that the left claims everything to be their own. It is in fact THEIR desire to take over everything in white society to subvert it and turn it into what they want it to be. The examples of this are endless and the best analogy I can make is with our political structure here in the US. The argument from many leftists is that our country was built on immigration. While that may be the case, it was in fact built on White European immigration. Our constitution, our laws, our system of government, etc were all founded on ideals that White Europeans adhere to. These are ideals and morals that liberals obviously don`t have in common as they seek to destroy them. Likewise with MMA and the straightedge scene, our political structure as well as numerous “social equality groups” has many of those involved openly advocating communist and Marxist ideals, and these things have in essence been turned into what they want them to be. A recent broadcast from PC Radio discussed this diversion of our political structure and white society by groups like ACORN and others. Most notable was the discussion of how the Southern Poverty Law Center (an extreme leftist group that hates white people who are proud of their heritage) seeks to overthrow decent white society and corrupt our justice system by advocating to law enforcement that those who believe in the ideals the founding fathers built this country on be profiled as domestic terrorists. You can hear that excellent broadcast here.

This article written by this leftist was just more proof that Whites are fed up and are coming out of the closet. The left know they have pushed to far and the backlash is starting. They are desperately trying to keep control of everything they have subverted. In closing, we need more and more people to start openly proclaiming their loyalty to the preservation of a healthy White society. One Maryland and our affiliates here in Maryland are working on political and social events for those who want to preserve their heritage. If you would like to help out or get involved contact us. It is time for Change For Our People


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  1. […] times in past posts, the people who claim to want “equal rights for minorities” in fact want to destroy white civilization and turn our indigenous countries over to anyone who they feel can do so. Links to the videos are […]

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