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October 31, 2009

Is There Really A Difference Between Races?

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This piece goes off into several different topics. The origin is in new evidence of racial differences, but the focus of this is on those that deny it and the efforts they use to do so.

New scientific evidence has many leftists worried as their efforts to deny the existence of difference`s in races is being proven as the falsehood it is.  This effort has been in place for years as liberals and leftists who hate white culture and want to see it destroyed have taken over many positions of influence and academia and use them to claim to be the moral authority. Through their hijacking of these positions (in which they also only promote others who support their leftist agenda) they use their suit and tie positions and expensive media campaigns to portray themselves as respectable intellectuals while insulting the white working class who accept reality for what it is. The campaign to destroy natural law and overthrow traditional White America was put into full effect in the 60`s more so by physical methods through the use of the anti war movement, freedom riders, riots, etc, and in the 70`s through a more subtle campaign that reached into the homes of all. Two paragraphs from this article demonstrating the latter are posted below

How did it happen? It happened because we were deliberately brainwashed, deliberately conditioned psychologically by clever propagandists. Television was the principal propaganda medium — and still is. The most popular television shows, which nearly every American viewed — shows such as All in the Family and M*A*S*H — were clever propaganda, designed deliberately to make “racism” a feared label and to put a whole range of other ideas and attitudes beyond the pale of acceptability, while at the same time making acceptable certain types of behavior which previously were abhorrent to most Americans.

All in the Family’s Archie Bunker was used to make White Americans with traditional ideas about race and sexuality seem ridiculous, to seem ignorant and small-minded. M*A*S*H, starring the leftist actor Alan Alda, was used to make Whites with traditional attitudes seem like vicious bigots, despised by all decent people. Tens of millions of White Americans watched these programs on black-and-white television screens week after week. I was one of those White Americans. The programs were genuinely funny, genuinely entertaining. And they were genuinely poisonous to the easily manipulated lemmings who made up the vast majority of the viewers.

Writing this reminds me of an email we received from a college student who instead of asking about our position automatically assumed we were the uneducated and ignorant stereotype portrayed by mass media.  A typical  white specimen of liberal poisoning, he seemed so proud of himself in denying the preservation of his own race and in declaring his acceptance of all races, as it was a product of the “enlightenment” (his own words) that he was receiving in his current college education.  These products of enlightenment are in fact just pawns used to overthrow the current system.

This leftist college curriculum is strictly adhered to as stated by Matt Johnson. Mr Johnson is a former professor of history at St Mary`s University here in Maryland and was dismissed for his refusal to toe the politically correct line. In this radio broadcast he discusses that, as well as the Marxist`s hatred for the white working class as evident through their portrayal in mass media as stated previously. More specifically he talks about how people like Jeff Foxworthy and the Blue Collar Comedy team are used to further this negative stereotype.


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