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October 29, 2009

White Communities – A Danger to America

Filed under: Double Standards, Politics, White Victims — mdstate @ 8:09 pm

One thing that I do not understand is the continued effort to forcefully integrate society. People in white suburbia who have never experienced the “joys of diversity” always tend to be more liberal then those who live in major cities. On the other hand and I have seen this from personal experience, when you introduce section 8 housing, forced busing, things like the Maryland light rail which easily allows inner city youth access to white suburbia, then you will truly create white racists. Racial integration inevitably and always creates racial tension. It has proven time and time again to be a failure and it is not due to whites not liking non whites based on skin color, it is due to the differences in races that liberals will never admit to. Myself, I am not a “white supremacist” , a “Nazi”, or whatever, I am a separatist in that I believe every race should be among their own kind so they can deal with their own issues in their own way based on their own customs. If that is not how you some people feel and they want to live in an integrated society that is fine, but likewise those people should not be able to tell me I cannot live how I want to live.


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