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October 29, 2009

VOR Radio Discuss the BNP`s Win

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I just got done listening to Friday nights episode of Disorganized America. In this week`s broadcast Mishko is joined by James Hawthorne for an excellent discussion on the rampant “racism” taking over in Europe and the recent elections of many far right political candidates including the success of the BNP. They discuss the causes and effects as well as many other relevant issues and how our society would be run if it were governed by these “evil racists”. For those of our folk who still decry these political parties as racist, fascist, and xenophobic, you have to realize these parties are the ONLY ones that will look after what is best for you and your family. As our populations continuously shrink so does our voting block. How many of you seriously think that when the evil white devil becomes a minority that we will be afforded the same equal opportunity and special treatment we are forced to give now? On this subject it used as an example what is going on in South Africa after apartheid ended and how white people are affected there now. As mentioned many other relevant issues are discussed including how the lack of a political party here in the states can sometimes lead to frustrated individuals like James Von Brunn to do irrational acts. Not to go off topic but it reminded me when they discussed it on the show about how the feds claim to have found child porn on Von Brunn`s computer… as with the hosts of the show, I do not believe that. When I first saw it on the news I took it as a cheap shot to further discredit Von Brunn and his beliefs and I have had several people that know my beliefs tell me the same. That accusation about him and how it was presented by the media just seems fishy. This entire incident the media has played up to try and hurt the cause of white self preservation has had virtually no affect at all in that sense. When I see people on tv crying about white racism it just sounds pathetic. Everyone knows the position white people have been relegated to in our society and as with the recent elections throughout Europe it appears White people are at their tipping point. In my opinion the time is ripe for a political movement to take place in our country based on Change For Our People! This may be the last generation to do so. So what will you do? Continue to vote in the third world to take away your birthright, or put aside the guilt you feel for self preservation and voice out loud for CHANGE For OUR People! Back on topic, be sure to download this episode and give it a listen. Stick it on your ipod and play it while you are out and about, cleaning the house, driving to and from work, whatever, but be sure to listen. It is mentioned in the comments that the show is 4 hours but it is only 2 and a half and it goes by very fast.  A great discussion.


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