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October 29, 2009


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As many on this list know I am a big fan of talk radio shows. This past
week or two there has been some excellent broadcasts that I have been
immersing myself in. It is very encouraging to see so many people of high
academia speaking on behalf of our people. The professionalism of these
radio broadcasts should be an example to all.

The Follow The White Rabbit is a new one I found that I`d highly recommend
ere are a few more that I`d like to recommend also. As always, just download 
them to your ipod and listen while working, doing
house chores, driving, etc

First the Political Cesspool show from last weekend was excellent. The
first hour was a discussion on the true legacy of Ted Kennedy. Second hour
was an interview with two prominent film makers that work on behalf of our
people. Merlin Miller from Americana Pictures and Craig Bodeker who made
the excellent documentary- A Conversation About Race. The third hour was
truly one of the best interviews I`ve heard in a long while. It was with
Dr Greg Johnson who is the editor of the Occidental Quarterly. Among other
issues he discusses their new website and how it is to be used as a
cultural critique. He also gives his take on the new film Inglourious
Basterds. For the week of 8-29-09

The Voice Of Reason Radio Network has had some over the top good
broadcasts also. A new host on VOR I enjoy is Matt Johnson. Among other
things Mr Johnson is a former professor of history at Mount St. Mary’s
University here in Maryland. Mr Johnson`s discussions on the current
situations in the middle east, Europe and Asia are always very informative
and I enjoy them very much. This is an interview he did with Rick Adams
where he discusses not only this but several other topics including the
corruption of college`s academia and how his refusal to play along led to
his dismissal, the new Asian economic axis: China, Burma, Malaysia, et al,
why nationalist countries like North Korea seek nuclear weapons and more.

Two recent interviews from host Dr Tom Sunic include an excellent
discussion with Dr Kevin MacDonald
and another interview with Andrew Yeoman


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