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October 29, 2009

Not A Hate Crime

Filed under: Double Standards, Gangs — mdstate @ 7:31 pm
The media is stonewalling about the racial identities of the twenty or so
violent young "men" that committed this atrocious act. Many people are
doing the job of the media, claiming in fact, once again, it is another
victim of black on white hate. A person claiming to be Justin's sister had this to say.

" I am Justin's sister and yes, every single one of the attackers was
black. I am not a prejudice or racist person by any means, but I find it
ridiculous that this is not being considered a hate crime. Why is it that
racism is one sided? Only white people can be racist...that's ridiculous.
That's not what was meant to come from the Civil Rights movement. Everyone
was supposed to be equal, but apparently that doesn't apply and that
saddens me. Maybe I am still upset about what happened to my little
brother. I cried as I was reading this story because I can't believe that
someone would do this to him. I've been there his whole life and watched
him grow up and sometimes, I still see him as that little red-headed

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