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October 29, 2009

Magazine Promotes Genocide

Filed under: Double Standards, White Victims — mdstate @ 7:44 pm
The link here is to a recent article in a very popular magazine. After
reading the article and especially the excerpt written below, it can be
described as nothing less than an advocation of genocide for whites.
As we have stated throughout this blog, the people who claim to fight
against "white racism" in fact want to destroy white culture as a whole  

"From a very young age, minority children are coached to be proud of their
ethnic history. She found that this was exceedingly good for children's
self-confidence; in one study, black children who'd heard messages of
ethnic pride were more engaged in school and more likely to attribute
their success to their effort and ability.

That leads to the question that everyone wonders but rarely dares to ask.
If "black pride" is good for African-American children, where does that
leave white children? It's horrifying to imagine kids being "proud to be

That above excerpt is one I wrote about years ago about the systematic
white guilt being forced on whites... especially in schools where the
history of our people is being changed into lessons of oppression and evil
white racism. I wrote that-

"White children have no sense of racial pride or identity. The schools
deliberately distort the acts and achievements of our great ancestors and
straight out lie about the rest. Our children are made to feel guilty and
ashamed of who they are and are told to adopt the trashy lifestyles being
promoted on certain music television shows. This is why they are all
screwed up. They don`t know who they are. When you destroy a person`s past
you destroy their future. If you destroy someone mentally they in turn
will destroy themselves physically. If we allow them to continue promoting
this self hatred we will lose more of our children to drugs, violence and


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