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October 29, 2009

Hate Crimes?

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Those who pay attention to news stories and such that affect us specifically
know that many reported "hate crimes" in which non whites are
victims of some form of harassment are faked. A local story here in
Maryland over the summer was of a synagogue being vandalized with
swastikas and such. It turned out the perpetrators were actually members
of that same synagogue. Another story within the past few months was of a
German police officer who claimed he was attacked by Neo Nazis. That story
turned out to be a fake. Here are a couple stories as of lately with more
fake hate crimes.

Frantz Cadet, 48, is accused of targeting himself in a fake hate-mail
campaign aimed at fleecing the Southside Nazarene Church in Chesterfield
County, where he was in danger of losing his job as a maintenance man.

Prosecutors have opened an investigation into the case of a Brazilian
woman who claims to have miscarried twins after an alleged attack last
week by neo-Nazis in Zurich.

Of course these stories in which whites are murdered will never be hate
crimes, just business as usual.

36 year old Sara Kuszak was 5 months pregnant when she was
brutally murdered 

A man wanted in connection with the murder of a German tourist near a
Santa Monica seaside hotel in 1998 is arrested in Jamaica.

A cop who survived cancer twice gets shot in the face and killed by 
migrant who had been deported twice 


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