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October 29, 2009

A Political Party For Us/ The Ron Paul Example

Filed under: Politics, Radio — mdstate @ 6:54 pm
From time to time in posts we have made we advocate the
need for a legitimate political party here in the states that is centered
around issues that affect White Americans. A month or so ago I came across
such a website for the Golden State Party 

Based out of California the GSP is touching on many issues that refuse to
be addressed by the current political arena. As with most trends that 
start in California, they have created a model for the rest of us to 
follow. There is an interview with Tyler Robbins of the GSP posted on VOR. 
Anyone listening to this interview can see why mass media tries so hard to 
demonize and marginalize us. It is the Ron Paul example. The media knew he 
made too much sense when he spoke and addressed the issues facing our country
and they could not counter them. The next thing they do is demonize him, 
call him a kook, marginalize his supporters, etc. It is the same for the 
ideology that we adhere to. If White Americans actually understood what 
we are about it would be a landfall support for our side, so media has to 
demonize us. Now, this media portrayal of our movement as a lunatic fringe 
does attract people of that character that they will then exploit to the 
fullest, but there are also many well educated, well spoken and successful 
people from all walks of life that advocate a "Change for our people" that 
they ignore. This interview is with one of those individuals. Listen for 
yourself and hear the difference between a political party that addresses 
issues affecting our social status as opposed to those who don`t


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