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October 29, 2009

The Local Media Are Hacks

Filed under: Double Standards, Maryland, Media Cowards, Politics — mdstate @ 8:01 pm

Two news stories aired this past week that directly tie in with us. The first had to do with a meeting that was held in Kensington this past Monday night. It was a private gathering in which a gentleman from Canada came to speak about some issues having to do with Ted Kennedy`s legacy and it`s devastating affect on America. Members of One Maryland went to this event to do security, as a rag tag group of protesters known for attacking elderly men and women were there. Anyway, channel 9 was there to do a story on this event. After being there for the event and then watching it on the news I saw how distorted and one sided they made it appear. I was present and watched the interviews being given to the news and they picked out segments of statements that fit their agenda. Despite the neighbors who came out and supported this event, they picked out the one guy who gave the most extreme statement possible to close their “news” story. You can also read a comment by another individual that was present at the bottom of this “news” story.

A second story appeared as a Fox 45 cover story last week also. It was an interview with an individual from the Maryland National Alliance. This interview was hacked to pieces. It was supposed to be a segment on the Maryland NA and their activism, what they stand for, etc. but instead was turned into a smear job with only a segment of the interview used. After reporting for several weeks that Calvin Lockner was a member of various prison gangs, all of the sudden he was made out to be a member of the National Alliance. (Which is not true by the way) Interviews from previous news stories were thrown in as well as an interview with a woman that hates white people who want to preserve their heritage. The liberal bias of the majority of mass media is apparent to most everyone, but seeing these two things up close and personal and how they were handled was just beyond comprehension. It is no surprise more and more people are turning to alternative news sources


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